Board of Directors Application

HRMA Board of Directors Application

Summary of Board of Director Duties

  1. Participate in Board activities: monthly meeting attendance
  2. Help determine the organization's mission and purposes
  3. Develop and approve policy
  4. Establish organizational priorities
  5. Ensure effective organizational planning (strategic and long range)
  6. Manage / ensure adequate resources
  7. Determine and monitor the organization's programs and services
  8. Enhance the organization's public image
  9. Assess own performance and practices
  10. Carry out board financial, legal and public responsibilities
  11. Understand and communicate the organization's mission
  12. Support the organization's compliance with legal regulations and other standards
  13. Exercise approval of outside counsel (legal, accounting, managerial)
  14. Support the organizational financial structure and activity, including income, expenses, borrowing, insurance coverage, audits, bank relations, fund-raising, and other financial procedures
  15. Support new board member orientation

Applicant Information


Other Position Opportunities

  Executive (officer positions, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  Short-term assignment (assist on a special project, or with a task force or workgroup)
  Committee Member (assist a committee such as: hospitality, membership, program, etc)

Interest and Qualifications

  Leadership training
  Facilitating Meetings
  Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  Interaction with local or statewide media
  Experience working/serving community
  In-depth working knowledge front-line supervision
  Significant knowledge in unionized organization
  Experience serving on a board
  Full /Part time faculty or education
  Practice management expertise/consultant
  Knowledge of new trends and innovative ideas in HR
  Have or be able to develop bipartisan political relationships
  Background in business, economics, or finance
  Ability to represent HRMA’s position on legislative and regulatory activities and the public regardless of personal views
  Experience as a consultant
  Participation in volunteer outreach
  Fundraising or Development Skills
  Expertise in particular HR discipline
  Experience with Board of Directors
  Experience in planning meetings, special tours or social events
  Experience in scouting and scheduling speakers