CALM - Conflict Resolution For Today’s Workplace (Virtual) Preventing Workplace Violence

November 16, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Virtual Event


The team from PASS Protective Advanced Safety Services, will provide us with modern techniques to help de-escalate incidents of micro aggressions and conflicts in the workplace. With today's pandemic climate of stress and the hostility of our political and racial divides, incidents of micro aggressions and escalations between employees are creating a dangerous situation in our workplaces. Company leaders, led by HR professionals, must proactively train their supervisors and managers on how to effectively identify a potentially explosive situation BEFORE it happens and also create a plan of action if there is an escalation at your worksite. The PASS team will review scenario based objectives for identifying dangerous behaviors, reviewing the behavioral continum for escalations and strategies for preventing these situations from turning violent.


Protective Advanced Safety Services (PASS) 

John Nettis and Steven Grasso 

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